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In 2025, Quincy will celebrate the 400th anniversary of its settlement. To mark this historic year, Mayor Thomas P. Koch is leading an unprecedented community planning effort entitled “Quincy 400.”


It's more than a celebration.

“It’s not just about a celebration but it’s an opportunity for us as a community to step back and ask ourselves:

Where do we want to be as a community in 2025?”

- Mayor Thomas P. Koch, City of Quincy

The Quincy 400 is a community-driven initiative that seeks to recognize, celebrate, and build upon Quincy’s cultural, political and social history.

Mayor Koch and the Quincy 400 Committee have conducted city-wide outreach through an initial survey, followed by community and business workshops and the creation of various Mayoral Advisory Committees.

From Capital Assets & Transportation, Economic Growth & Tourism, Health & Wellness, History, Arts & Culture, Neighborhoods, and Education, these six pillars serve as a way for the community to answer the question:

The Six Pillars:


Health & Wellness


History, Arts & Culture

Economic Growth & Tourism

Capital Assets & Transportation

Quincy 400. Preserving our past. Enriching our future.

Want to get involved?

The Quincy community is invited to participate in interactive activities to further explore where we want to see our City in 2025, Quincy’s 400th anniversary.